Why is instant video coaching even more effective?

The new era of video coaching for surfers has arrived. Reeplay has arrived with its ultra-bright screens for use in full sun and on the beach. This revolutionary new approach will improve your skills and performance in the waves.

Reeplay brings coaching closer to the action

Video coaching is a fantastic tool for learning to surf.
Thanks to its equipment and screens, Reeplay finally makes surf coaching possible.
Coaching immediately really changes the game.

Find out in video why it's an indispensable tool, with advice from expert coach Guillaume.

Video is a tool that gives the coach an even more important role

Coaching brings significant progress to surfers, opening up new perspectives and possibilities in their practice of this dynamic sport. With an experienced and knowledgeable coach, surfers can benefit from an in-depth analysis of their technique, movements and surfing style. Coaches identify gaps, errors and specific areas for improvement, offering personalized advice to optimize individual performance. Surfers learn to develop better coordination, balanced posture and more accurate wave reading. Coaching also enables them to explore new maneuvers, refine transitions and gain confidence in the water. Thanks to this dedicated support, surfers can make rapid progress, push back their limits and achieve new levels of mastery and pleasure in their passion for surfing.
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Video coaching for all surfers

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, video coaching offers a unique perspective that lets you analyze and refine every move, every turn and every maneuver. High-resolution cameras immortalize your surfing sessions, then the Reeplay screens broadcast the images immediately. Now you can review your performances, study your mistakes, identify your strengths and make significant progress. Specialized video coaches guide you through an in-depth analysis of your technique, providing personalized advice to optimize your performance and reach new heights in your surfing. Get ready to push your limits and realize your full potential with video coaching for surfers.