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Reeplay55 Trolley

Your 55" screen becomes a featherweight. No matter where you need to coach, this new cart will enable you to transport your big screen effortlessly. Featuring powerful electric assistance and a sturdy frame, the design of your new 4-wheeled companion is premium. No matter what areas you need to cross, you'll have no trouble coaching on the big screen. Foldable in seconds, our cart is the essential support for the Reeplay55 screen.

  • Electrical assistance
  • Dismountable and foldable
  • Tough and waterproof
  • Long autonomy

discover :

Reeplay32 screen

32-inch screen designed for mobile outdoor sports coaching. Ideal for coaches on the move.

Pack Reeplay55 Golfette

easy transport between drive zones. Heavy-duty clip&go system for detaching and repositioning the screen.

Reeplay32 Cart Pack

freedom of movement, foldable, ultra-handy, suitable for all terrains.