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This 32" screen has been specially designed for outdoor use, making it a top choice for mobile sports coaching sessions. With high brightness levels, this screen offers optimum visibility even on very sunny days. Waterproof andequipped witha rechargeable battery, it offers 6 hours of continuous use, giving you the flexibility to use it in any situation that may arise during a coaching session. Its 32-inch size offers a clear view of the exercises and movements to be performed during coaching sessions. It's the perfect tool for trainers who need to move around, or coach in outdoor areas, whatever the sport. With its exceptional design and features, this display is the ideal tool to accompany coaches on any terrain.

  • 6-hour runtime - External lithium battery
  • High brightness 2000cd/m2
  • Waterproof IP66
  • 2 HDMI ports - XLR connector

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