Reeplay55 screen
The 55" high-brightness battery-powered display offers a practical and effective solution for outdoor sports coaching. With a battery life of 6 hours, it enables uninterrupted use during group or individual sessions. The high brightness provides optimum visibility even in direct sunlight, facilitating interaction with participants and enhancing the quality of the experience. The screen size enables oversized images and videos to be projected for a better overview of the exercise in progress. What's more, its transportable design makes it easy to bring to the training site and use in different environments. All in all, this display is an obvious choice for professional sports coaches looking to enhance the experience of their athletes.

Key features

6-hour operating time - External lithium battery
Very high brightness 3000cd / m2
Waterproof IP66
2 HDMI ports - 1 XLR connector

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Exclusive features

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Protect cover

180° Flex